Asia India festival 2016 in Taipei

Asia India Festival 2016 is a confluence of Indian culture spread not only in Asian countries as well as worldwide. Indian Culture have it’s own deep roots and it is well known how the world is influenced by it.Mr. Jeffery wu (Indian Music and culture organization) is successfully conduction India festival since 2005.


After 11 years it is now on the peak of heights. IT will be jeweled by various artists from India,Japan,Hongkong,Thailand ,Indonesia,England (U.K.) and from Taiwan.All the artists performing for Asia India festival 2016 are famous world wide.
Every year festival is organized with different theme.Theme of 2016 Asia India Festival is “The Ramayana”.


Ramayana is and Indian epic,It consist story of Lord Rama and his life sketch. Lord Rama King of Ayodhya(north part of India) with his brother lakshaman and sita moved in the forest and sita kidnapped by Demon Ravana ,and how Monkey god Hanuman help his master lord Rama to kill the demon ravan and bring sita back.
All the performances will be centralized to the Ramayana epic. Where every artist will show his or her own creativity under different Indian art forms.
As the year is of Monkey according to Chinese calendar, Story of Ramayana and monkey god hanuman will create a spiritual & distinct atmosphere at Taiwan.
Festival will be included with Traditional Indian Bazar as well as Indian Cuisine. Mr.Jeffery wu (IMC) & Gorden Tsai Dream Community Education development foundation has successfully conducted the festival from past years. One can find an Indian atmosphere with Indian materials,textiles,jewelries,Temple,Kashmir art collection,rare Indian CD’s & DVD’s. Dance, music and much more.

Author: Mahantesh Biradar

Mahantesh Biradar is a Graduate PhD researcher in Biomedical Science and passionate about Social Media Strategy | Biz Dev | Mindfulness | Yoga | Entrepreneurship. You can follow most of the updates online using the #MiB19

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