Rezi ~ An awesome tool to design your ATS optimized resumes. Instantly

Do you know on an average how long it takes to design a winning resume for that dream job? Any clues?

It takes on an average 5 hours to give that finishing look for your good looking resume! Good isn’t enough right? everyone wants to impress the interviewer with a great looking resume covering all the relevant information.

Two young entrepreneurs Jacob Jacquet and William Meger are on a mission to solve this problem by creating an ATS optimized resumes, which can be created instantly! In less than 30 minutes. Sounds great right?!

As a recent graduates, they discovered how difficult today’s job market is coupled with the advancements in hiring technologies and this discovery led them to develop a more effective resume solution for students.

The special part of Rezi is that it offers the benefit of bilingual resume building in two languages Korean and English!

I had a pleasure to know Jacob and learn more about their inspiration and the entrepreneurial journey to build Rezi through the following conversation.

What is Rezi and why’d you start it?

Rezi is a company that provides resume optimized to pass modern hiring technologies.

Our mission is simple. Our goal is to educate students and young professionals on best resume practices to creating an optimized resume. We do this because 90% of large companies use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to manage job applicants. They are highly sensitive to resume construction, so a poorly made resume has close to zero chance of getting a student a job at a large company.

Rezi was founded in the summer of 2015 after both co-founders graduated from university and faced the competitive job market head on.

Preview of Rezi

When was the company founded and who are the co-founders?

Rezi was founded in June 2015 out of Wisconsin, USA.

Jacob Jacquet. Co-Founder & CEO. Jacob has a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin — Madison, where he studied Economics and Mathematics. Jacob previously worked at Kaplan, analyzing and optimizing marketing campaigns. More recently Jacob has moved to South Korea to introduce Rezi to Korean university students. He lives in Seoul, South Korea and enjoys playing soccer, chess, and learning about Korean startup culture.

Jacob Jacquet

William Meger. Co-Founder & CTO. William has a B.S. from the University of Wisconsin — Eau Claire where he studied Biology and Chemistry. William works at Discovery Communications collaborating with teams to implement innovative technology in new products. William is responsible for guidingRezi’s creative direction, alongside growing partnerships. He lives in Brooklyn, New York and enjoys playing piano and reading about science.

William Meger


How does Rezi work?

Rezi is a solution that applies optimized resume mechanics to our four products, and is also propagated throughout our resume education center.

We’ve studied popular ATSs and applied best practices into our formatting and we use Jobscan to optimize resume content.

We are in the process of running our first pilot program at New York University to obtain a measurement of effectiveness. We are comparing the number of interviews received before and after we implement Rezi practices.

How much are the products/services priced at? How has the response been so far?

Rezi Instant — This proprietary software integration will allow students to enter their information in a form and the system will automatically format the resume in either the ATS optimized ALPHA or BETA format. Launching in the next three weeks. The average time to create a resume with Rezi Instant was measured at 23 minutes compared to 2.5 hours by using a Rezi Optimized Template. Rezi Instant will also be a free product. We have thousands signed up for the official launch. The need for Rezi Instant arose from the most common feedback from existing Rezi customers.

Rezi Optimized Resume Templates — The proper resume formatting mechanics behind ATS optimized resumes are widely known. We apply these mechanics in the Rezi Optimized Resume Templates to help get students more interviews. We have two formats, the BETA — The Rezi BETA Resume Template displays your technical skills that are acquired through relevant university coursework. This allows coursework to be used as an acceptable and value-adding substitute to professional experience. The ALPHA — TheRezi ALPHA Resume Template is easy to use, completely customizable, and has helped land interviews at Google, Goldman Sachs, Dropbox, EA Sports, Allstate, Kaplan and more. The templates are competitively priced and affordable for any student. You get two templates for $3.69. We’ve sold over 700 and have given away thousands.

Rezi Complete Resume Writing — Resume writing with a focus on optimizing keywords and content for successfully passing the ATS systems $129.69.

Rezi Resume Critique — We will give you a list of optimization suggestions to follow and reformat your resume for you in accordance to either the BETA.

What type of people tend to incline towards Rezi?

We’ve incredible traction among students, recent college graduates, and non-native English speakers.

What’s Rezi’s international presence now? What’s the goal? How does this relate with revenue?

We work extremely hard to develop Rezi into an international company. In November 2015, I moved to South Korea to introduce Rezi to South Korean job seekers. was launched in April of 2016, and we also welcomed Ji Hwang on to the team as the director of — she is responsible for ensure our communications are effective as we expend into Korea.

On August 19th, Rezi was accepted into the Seoul Global Startup Incubator, which is a program sponsored by the South Korean government to foster the growth of foreign companies into Korea. A perfect program for Rezi.

We also made it to the final round of the internationally known KStartup Grand Challenge 2016, but was not selected to participate. Overall, Korea has welcomed Rezi with open arms.

Our goal is to prove that the idea of Rezi can profitably expand into the three major English education markets — China, India, South Korea.

We expect the majority of our revenue to come from Rezi Instant either as a licensed product or premium user — we also expect the USA to be our primary market.

What are your achievements so far?

Launching which is an international branch of Rezi in Korea

• Rezi Instant which is an ATS Optimized Resume Generator

• Acceptance into the Seoul Global Startup incubation program

• 2016 sales up over 900% over 2015

Anything exciting happening in the near future?

The launch of Rezi Instant will be a defining moment for Rezi. It will present new opportunities for the business, revenue streams, hiring needs, partnerships, everything!

We are currently in the testing stage of a partnership with the largest student facing internship site in the world. If successful, Rezi will be the official resume supplier to their users.

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